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29 year old animator wannabe. I work as a librarian and rangle with kids.

Likes: Waibu, Kittens and pupples, Saiyuki, Animation, cartoons, graphic novels, web comics, mmorpgs, libraries, flash animation, roleplaying, concept art.

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This Anna Kendrick Little Mermaid SNL sketch is impossible to find (NBC ran into some legal issues with Disney)… watch while you can!

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I’ve compiled this list of resources to help trans* people like myself. Even if you’re not trans* and/or can’t use any of this, please reblog for the sake of others. Thanks!


The Tumblr Transgender Clothes Exchange
How to Take Measurements
Reflectore Voice Pitch Tracker

The FTM’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking Like a Hot Dude
The Male Fashion Fit Guide
AK’s Guide to Suits (this is a drawing guide, but contains useful info)
Throat Exercise to Deepen Voice
Big Brother Binder Repository & Re-Disbursement Program
In a Bind Binder Donations
Underworks Pullover Binders
Les Love Boat Binders, Packers, Underwear, Shoe Lifts, Etc.
Cheap Clasp Binder
Discreet STP Device

Women’s Clothing Terminology
Tucking How-to Guide
Realistic Breast Form Tutorial
The Breast Form Store
Mastectomy Bras with Built In Flap for Breast Forms
How to Contour and Highlight Using Makeup

How to Apply Eyeliner with a Spoon

How to Apply Foundation
How to Apply Blush
How to Apply Eyeshadow

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
IMAlive Online Crisis Network

Transgender Housing Network

National Center for Transgender Equality
Transgender Law Center
Change your Name for Free - Civil Indigent Status (Tumblr post)
Copwatch Infographic Guide

Transgender Surgeons in the U.S.
Center of Excellence for Transgender Health
FTM Hormone Guide
FTM Surgery Guide
MTF Hormone Guide
MTF Surgery Guide

Mcalc Gender Neutral Menstruation Calculator

Mental + Support
Online Gender Therapy (can also issue letters of recommendation)
Emotional Baggage Check
TransSpace Reddit

School + Education
Trans Student Equality Resources
Study Abroad for GLBT Students
Applying to College as a Non-Binary Trans* Person

Additional Resources
Susan’s Place Transgender Resources and Forums
Laura’s Playground Transgender Resources

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"you choose your favourite character because they remind you of yourself"


*very concerned


My favorite character is a schizophrenic demonic killing machine.

I’m okay with this.

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what’s gone is forever lost… [x]

The fuck is this from and how have I never seem it

the original fma anime that aired in 2003. specifically the last episode.

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Sadly there are probably a lot of guys who don’t get the joke here.

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anyone want to buy this guy? he’s the shibe i made for the pattern instructions to show how to make the face and paws without an embroidery machine. so his paws and face are hand sewn, and his eyes are onyx beads. i would like $36 for him, email me at cactus.joe@gmail.com if you are interested! first come first served! also i’ll need the payment right away so if you can’t pay for a couple days, there will be other shibas ;)

check out my shop for the other things i’ve got for sale, any sales would really really help me out! i’ve got a grey french bulldog, a silver fox, a finger sloth, and the shiba pattern on there. also for sale is this carousel borzoi plush i made.